Damascene Sword

16The craft of making swords has been inherited from parents and grandparents and it has been mastered by the Damascenes. Sword is considered the rarest and most exquisite antique gifts; it is also considered a precious masterpiece and heritage for those who are interested.

  • Swords have two types:

Yamani, Indian and Kilij swords: are good swords with old wootz steel blade.

Khurasani, Egyptian and Damascene swords: are new swords with modern wootz steel blade.

There are others names of swords such as ( al Husam, al Mohanad, al Sarem, al Battar, al Masoor, Zul Fiqar, al Rasoob, al Maqzam ). Prophet Mohammad also had nicknames for his swords such as ( al Maqzam, Kilij, al Rasoob, al Masoor, al Battar ).

  • Characteristics of Damascene Sword:
  1. 17Stamped blade / asadullah el dimashqi /.
  2. Very rigid and flexible.
  3. Its blade has twisted waves of inscriptions.
  4. Its blade is made of wootz steel, shiny blue grizzled.
  5. Sword sheath is made of iron inlayed with golden and silver wires to form beautiful Islamic inscriptions.

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