It is a process that makes a textile of yarns or threads using a needle called croshet needle which is a 26special one hook-shaped that is usually called hook. There is a wide variety of strings and raw materials of cotton, wool, silk and others.

Croshet is derived from the French words “croc” or “croche” – that are used in the transitional historical period ( 1340 – 1611 ) in which the French language became the official language of the Kingdom of France instead of the Latin language – which means a hook. The crochet knitting is similar to the tricot one in pulling the yarn loops into each other but the difference is that there is only one active ring each time in addition to the use of the crochet needle.

  • Crochet Textile Process:

27It begins with making a ring knot around the needle hook and pulling another ring through the first one repeatedly to make stitches series with a suitable length. Either you form the stitches in rows shape or you link it with the row beginning with a sliding stitch as circles. It can also be done by making a lot of stitches inside one ring.         

Stitches can be done by pulling one ring or more through a series of rings and in each time of stitching there would be one ring in the needle hook when it is finished.


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