Artizana… An Imprint throughouttheSyrian History

  • General Background:

Artizana Syria project was established in 2010 to shed light on the handicrafts which represent an important aspect of the economy and Syrian heritage through working with small workshops; i.e craftsmen, to make unique products and special for "Artizana". It also aims to introduce the cultural heritage of Syria in a modern attractive means. Inherited old art is not enough to stand alone, it should also convoy with the contemporary and modern trend in order to attract the buyer as the Syrian and European visitors.

Artizana Syria is specialized in designing and producing unique handmade gifts to match the expectations of our customers through merging the major elements of the Syrian oriental products as the followings:(Brocade- Silk – Pearl Shell- Mosaic - Glass painting - Copper inscriptions, etc).

  1. Manufacturing gifts boxes of fine wood and Damascene original brocade fabric, Saya fabric, shells and mosaic..
  2. Manufacturing handmade glass products and colored stained glass painting
  3. Manufacturing of copper engravings.
  4. Manufacturing of Damascene and Farsi Faience products.
  5. Manufacturing pottery and fictile products.
  6. Manufacturing products of wood engravings and painting.
  • Scope & Objectives:
  1. To improve the traditional industries and handicrafts devoted to protect them from extinction and preserve its existence as economical value.
  2. To Produceunique samples of handcrafts that reflect a mixture of the main elements of Syrian oriental products
  3. To bring to gather all projects products that concerns with Syrian handmade crafts into Artizana website.
  4. To exportArtizana products worldwide.
  5. To Create and develop database for all handcrafts, its type, its origin, history and themost famous craftsmen and workshops along with a gallery that represents its type. This website is the first of its kind that is specialized to present information about the most famous fashion designers who incorporate Syrian traditional arts within their designs in modern methods that fit the finest trends.
  6. To design and manufacture distinguished Syrian Orientals that are special for decorating and furnishing the heritage hotels
  • Target Group:
  1. Syrian and international markets, hotels, companies and establishments
  2. Arab and foreign tourists
  3. Artizana Syria is the exclusive agent for “Silver Dale” British brand for luxurious handmade products in all old cities in Syria.

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